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How Much Longer Will You Wait To Get The Life You Want?

Will you sit back and react to changes or move forward and create the person you want to become?



Because when you change, 
 around you changes.

Getting started is easy with my limited-time offer: A 100% FREE, 45 Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session, valued at $147.

Do You Want To Revitalise Your Career, Business, Health, Relationships, Wealth or Happiness?

  • But, you're not sure what to change or where to start.

  • And fear, doubt or negativity have held you back.

  • If You Want Different Results, You've Got To Be Prepared To Do Things Differently.

  • What if you could address the areas of your life that aren't delivering the level of fulfilment, revenue or peace of mind you know they could be?

  • What if you could create more time for you in life and gain the tools and strategies to move forward with confidence?

  • What if you could feel empowered, in control, and certain, of your future path to success?

  • A FREE Breakthrough Coaching Call Is The First Step To Shortcut Your Success.

    And this this isn’t just any kind of conversation, it’s the kind of powerful conversation where you get to be your true self and with fresh insights, you begin to realise what’s absolutely possible for you. 

    Together We'll Uncover:

    • What you really want

    • What's currently getting in the way of you and success

    • Clarity around your future vision, and

    • Your unique path to success

    • Isn’t it time you had this kind of important conversation that can lead to your breakthrough?

      If you answered YES, then click the button below to book your private, 45-minute, FREE Breakthrough Coaching Session.

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    Limited Time Offer 

    For a strictly limited time, I’m offering a breakthrough coaching session, valued at $147 completely FREE of charge to those who are considering engaging a professional coach, and are serious about growth and taking action. 

    I’ve been coaching clients from all walks of life my whole career and I find that people who start with a breakthrough coaching call, are the ones who go on to achieve incredible results.

    Managing expectations is key, but this could be one of the most insightful, significant 45-minute conversations of your life. 

    I believe in you and your success! That's why I developed my signature, 1:1 Rapid Results Program - to help get your goals in as little as 8 weeks. And, your FREE breakthrough coaching session will provide strategic insights on how to do that. 

    And in case you're wondering, "why is it free?" I believe in 'try before you buy'. Similar to any big brand offering a trial period, I offer great value upfront via a free session so you can try it out and determine if my coaching style is fit for you.

    If you know in your heart there’s something more for you, then book your 45-minute Breakthrough Coaching Session today! Places fill up fast, so click the button below. It’s completely FREE. No obligation and no strings attached. Zero Risk.

    Still wondering how my coaching can help? Watch the video below.

    A FREE Breakthrough Coaching Session puts you on the fast track to success. Take at glimpse at some case studies and what my clients have to say.

    Boosted his brand and income

    Transformed her relationships

    Scaled his business

    Got her dream job in 3 weeks!

    Found clarity and happiness

    Secured a promotion

    Saman T - VIC

    “I booked a breakthrough session because I wanted to improve my leadership skills. Following that session, I felt uplifted & signed up for coaching. The benefits I found were my anxiety wore off, I became confident in communication, and my reputation significantly improved. I recommend coaching with Veronica - she leads by example and is highly trained to grow leaders.” Saman T - VIC

    “When I signed up for coaching with Veronica I was in a place where I felt stuck. During coaching I was able to draw on Veronica's positivity and knowledge and see things from a different perspective. I'm now seeing things more clearly and have found a new career direction to head in. The confusion and the feeling of being stuck has been removed”. Sally W - QLD

    “As a business owner I am constantly juggling priorities. Before I commenced coaching with Veronica, I seemed to be treading water and not gaining much traction. Within just 8 weeks of coaching I’d landed a $387,000 deal for my company, had a new pipeline in place for gaining qualified staff and I now have a renewed focus on business growth”. James T – Auckland

    “During coaching I learnt how to rethink and develop new beliefs that reflect my true self and who I want to be. Due to the techniques Veronica used, I was able to blast through barriers and eliminate thoughts that didn’t serve me. As a result, I’ve been able to continue my new thought patterns and beliefs with incredible outcomes in my career and in my personal life”. Julia G - QLD

    “I was stuck in my career, feeling unhappy and unsure which direction to take. During coaching I began to gain clarity on aligning my passions and skills, new opportunities unfolded, and my thoughts became more positive. I’m pleased to say that with Veronica’s support, the career goal I developed during coaching has come to fruition and I’m now doing what I love.”
    Vatsala M – VIC

    “I got in touch with Veronica because I wanted some support to change roles. The breakthrough coaching session was great, so I joined up for 8 weeks of coaching. I really enjoyed learning how to interview like a pro, how to tap into unknown sources to find job opportunities, and also the NLP exercises which transformed my mindset. The tools and skills I gained helped me master my interviews and as a result, I got my ideal job!” Cindy A – NSW

    “I decided to coach with Veronica because I wanted to get my relationships back on track and improve the balance in my life. During coaching my mindset became more positive and I felt supported to act. The results were rapid - I moved past blocks, had conversations I’d wanted to have and put new boundaries in place. I now feel even more resilient and confident, and I have a new relationship in place!” Cliff H – VIC

    “When I met Veronica, I felt stuck, had low self-esteem and I wanted to move forward but didn't know how. Veronica showed me tools on how to get clarity, what to do and how to proceed. She also helped me boost my self-confidence and understand I was stronger than I thought. I now feel much more confident, happy and better equipped to deal with various challenges. I highly recommend Veronica, she is amazing.” Natalia J – NSW

    Their Success Can Be Your Success

    Let’s discuss how we can create the results you desire, in a 100% FREE, 45-minute Breakthrough Coaching Session. Simply click the button below and let's get you set up for success today!

    Meet Your Coach, Veronica Jones


    Veronica Jones is a Certified Results Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Coach and NLP Practitioner. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Founder of The Life Coaching Co and also holds a Master's Degree.

    Based on the Gold Coast, Australia, delivering coaching to clients across the globe, Veronica specialises in helping people awaken their inner power and harness success mechanisms in business and life through her signature, Rapid Results Program. Veronica is a three-time business owner and former medical industry CEO, so she knows what it takes to rise above the many mindset challenges that litter the path to success. 

    Veronica is also co-author of 'Discover, a Disability Care Australia NDIS Help Guide’ - a national coaching resource in the disability sector. She was also featured in The Australian Business Journal's '20 Australian Women Making Moves in 2022.'

    Veronica's 1:1 coaching focuses on providing the tools needed to transform your mindset and say goodbye to mediocrity, limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Her signature program is unlike any other because it is specifically tailored to your situation, desires and goals. With her guidance, you can gain crystal clear purpose and confidence, to create the ultimate success you desire.

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